Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shit You Can't Afford

Hello ladies and gents. Well, mostly ladies if I am to be perfectly honest. Maybe a raccoon or two... I digress. Any who, I'm back from my 3 month hiatus. I know you all just missed me terribly. ::cough::right::cough::

This is my "amazing shit I MUST have but will never be able to afford" post. Which means it will be the longest post EVER. First we will start off with the "moderately priced, but still too expensive for me" stuff. Which is pretty much everything since my current financial situation leaves me confined to good will or the clearance rack at Marshall's. (Wait, isn't that the whole store?)

We start off with The Gap. Now anyone who knows me at all knows of my hatred for this place. Mostly the people, not the clothes, but in any case, they have really outdone themselves this season.

This denim jumper is just about the cutest thing I've seen from them in a long while.

And what can I say about this Striped French Terry Dress. It's has the potential to be the most versatile thing in my wardrobe. Versatility is very important to a girl you know.

Skinny jeans. Need I say more?

I am wondering what must be said about this adorable Milano Skirt. Except for the fact that it's adorable. Ya, that about sums it up. I love the tulle! Tulle = Love.

Now on to the wonderful world of over priced designer duds. You can't afford it, and if you can, we need to be friends. ::cough:: My birthday's Nov. 2nd ::cough::

We move on to Michael Kors. You limy bastard. Stop coming out with these gorgeous collections or I will have no choice but to rob a bank on go on a shopping spree!

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Alright, at work right now and the radiator is spewing hot water so I am afraid that the rest of this post must wait until later.

Phew. I'm back! Let's get this show on the road. Where were we? Ah yes. Michael Kors, the asshole. How I love you...

Best yoga outfit EVER.

Next up Le Train Bleu. I can thank the sweet chickadee over at Fashion Whore for this gem.

Miu Miu. I have coveted their giant bags and unreasonably puffy skirts since I saw their first ad in a Vogue. Their campaigns are always creative, colorful and stunning. The Spring '07 collection campaign in no different.

Who knew L.Lo could do high fashion so so well. I am literally drooling.

Well, while there is much more I would like to talk about, I am afraid this post is already too long. I am afraid I may have lost you back at The Gap.

I should be updating more often. Fingers crossed ladies and gents.


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