Thursday, October 05, 2006


I know there must be a little vintage girl crying out from all of us. Begging us to indulge in seamed panty hose, knee high go go boots and thigh length tops. Whether you yearn to re-live the 80's, obsess over the 60's mod, or have a love obsession with rockabilly 50's wear, there is something out there for you.

First up we have Mak Maki Vintage. This E-Bay store is one of the best on-line vintage shops I have come across in quite a while. It has a wide range of items from 70's Mod Indie Jackets, half length WITH rainbows (that's right people, rainbows.), to 40's pin-up dresses. Most of the designs are very asymetrical and very boxy. But in a good way!

Next, we have the endlessly glamourous Stop Staring. Looking for a fun party dress? Well this site is guaranteed to have it. They have 50's Pin-up dress, 40's sun dresses, sailor dresses, swing dresses, doll dresses, and of course the ever so trendy a-line. They also sell 50's bathing suits! Yesssssssssss.

And when you step out in Stop Staring clothing you are wearing what the stars wear. Which is refreshing since their prices aren't outrageous. Paris Hilton is a huge fan. So you can be just like her! Only, you know, not a skank.

What look is complete without come old fashioned seemed hosiery or thigh highs? Seems are back big this year along with opaque tights so you might as well stock up now. I found the site What Katie Did. It had a wide aray of vintage stockings and leggings. The Atomic Boutique also carries seemed hosiery and lots of other rockabilly goodies for the boys and girls.


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