Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm not a jewelry girl. Everyone knows it. I own like one ring. Now maybe in a different world, a world where I had money, I would be a jewelry girl, but until I am magically teleported there, this is how it is. What I am saying is, it takes a very special kind of bobble to make my eyes sparkle. I came across Bijou Boutique a few days ago during one of my adventures out into the cold abyss that is the Internet. They specialize in gorgeous hand made jewelry. They are bright and colorful. Fun rings and bracelets filled with personality while still being sophisticated.

They have anything a trendy modern girl could possiblly want. A trendy modern girl with guts that is. I mean, come on, not everyone is cut out to wear a hot pink Swarovski crystal puffy heart. Or a sparkly Hello Kitty Bracelet.

Not into the bright colors and sparkly tinted crystal? Never fear. The new line from Bijou Boutique speaks to a girls rebellious side with brass knuckle necklaces and skull earings. Rockilicious!

P.S. I have a correction from yesterday's post. The on-line seller of Maki Maki Vinatge is not E-Bay. It is eBay. Apologies. ;-)


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