Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kawaii Krazy!

Ok, my dear reader, I know we are just starting out in our relationship, but if we want this to be the solid, loving, co-dependent relationship I know it can be, I need you to know this. ::deep breath:: I am obsessed with Asian Streetfashion! Yes! Kawaii is my one true love of lace and neon leggings from 1985.

Only Kawaii would allow you to run around in a crazy school girl, child prostitute get up and not be expected to belt out "Baby, One More Time". You can thank Gwen Stephani and her "Harajuku Girls" for bringing this insanity to the US. Sorry to say, it didn't sweep across the country in the mainstream like I had hoped. But now, looking back on it, I am happy it didn't. Because then it wouldn't be what I love. It wouldn't be Kawaii.


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